Is it JUST a Sprain or Strain?

Posted in on August 26, 2022

Even minor accidents (motor vehicle/slip and falls) can cause serious injury. Many people think of a sprain or strain of an ankle, wrist, etc., is a minor injury that heals on its own but that is not always the case. Sprains and strains (also known as soft tissue injuries), if not treated properly, could cause permanent damage including but not limited to:

  • Weakened joints opening up potential for future injuries to occur easier,
  • Chronic pain causing long term pain management, and
  • Arthritis that could set in at a very early age.

Additionally, these injuries could take several weeks to months to treat medically and heal properly causing:

  • Loss of income due to missing work for treatment/recovery,
  • High medical bills for treatment,
  • Emotional distress such as anxiety, and
  • An overall reduction in your ability to enjoy life.

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