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Immigrants to the United States often see this nation as a land of opportunity, even as some Americans have unfairly targeted and demonized immigrants simply for wanting to start over in a new country. The fact of the matter is that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants, and at House Packard McElderry, LLC, we believe that everyone who comes to this country in search of a better life deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams and obtain citizenship.

If you have emigrated to the United States, you have legal rights that you should be aware of. Whether you came to America for school, work, or to find a new living arrangement, a seasoned immigration lawyer can guide you through every step of the immigration process and help you understand your rights.

At House Packard McElderry, LLC, we have helped countless families with a wide range of issues related to immigration. We have the resources to help you obtain visas and green cards, navigate immigration court proceedings, help you fill out your citizenship application, and achieve your goal of becoming an American. Our firm is based in Liberty, Missouri, and we serve clients who come to Missouri from all over the world. We pride ourselves on offering competent, affordable legal representation to immigrants and their families.

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Missouri Immigration Statistics

According to the American Immigration Council, four percent of people (258,390 as of 2018) living in Missouri were born in a country outside the United States. The immigrant population in Missouri may seem small, but it is growing, with many immigrants hailing from Mexico. The AIC notes that another four percent of individuals living in Missouri today are native-born U.S. citizens with at least one immigrant parent.

  • As of 2018, there were 122,742 female immigrants living in Missouri, 111,553 male immigrants, and 24,095 minor immigrants.
  • Immigrants in Missouri hail from countries like Mexico (15 percent of immigrants in Missouri), China (eight percent), India (seven percent), Vietnam (five percent), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (four percent).
  • Close to half of all adult immigrants in Missouri have a college degree (44 percent).
  • More than 3,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients lived in Missouri as of 2018.
  • Immigrants comprise five percent of Missouri’s labor force and play a vital role in a range of industries. Per the AIC, some of the top industries for immigrant workers include manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance, accommodation and food services, educational services, and professional, scientific, and technical services. Some of the top occupation categories for immigrants living and working in Missouri include production, management, food preparation and serving-related jobs, and top careers include medical practitioners, educators, and librarians.

Immigrants are a crucial component of Missouri’s economy. At House Packard McElderry, LLC, we acknowledge and honor the significant contributions of immigrant workers and are committed to helping immigrant families make a good life for themselves in this state.

Immigration Services We Provide

Whatever your immigration needs may be, we offer a variety of services tailored to meet your personal needs. The legal team at House Packard McElderry, LLC has the resources to help you with immigration issues, including:

  • Green Cards – There are numerous steps you must go through before you officially achieve U.S. citizenship, but one of the most important steps is acquiring a green card. It can be challenging to accomplish this without outside assistance. Working with a skilled Missouri immigration attorney will significantly improve your chances of obtaining this vital documentation.
  • Visas – There are numerous types of visas, and our attorneys can help you determine which visa best suits your needs. For instance, if you are only planning to travel, work, or study in the U.S. temporarily, you might only need a nonimmigrant visa. However, if you want to remain in the country permanently, you’ll need an immigrant visa.
  • Applying for Citizenship – Obtaining U.S. citizenship is a complex, drawn-out process, and it can be confusing for people who have never been through the immigration system before. Our attorneys can help you achieve your objective of becoming a U.S. citizen by walking you through every stage of the application process and helping to mitigate simple errors that could prevent you from attaining your goal.
  • Family Immigration – If you have relatives living in the U.S., then you may wish to obtain a family-based immigration visa so that you can enter the country and join the rest of your family. However, this process can be difficult, and even a small administrative mistake can cause delays. By hiring a knowledgeable immigration attorney from House Packard McElderry, LLC, you can avoid costly mistakes that could delay the immigration process.
  • DACA Issues – DACA protects hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought into the country unlawfully when they were children. While the program does not grant these individuals U.S. citizenship, it does grant them the ability to obtain a Social Security number, a driver’s license, and other documentation. If you think you might be eligible for DACA, the Liberty immigration attorneys of House Packard McElderry, LLC can walk you through the application process.
  • Employment Immigration – If you are hoping to enter the U.S. to work, you’ll need to obtain an employment visa. There are numerous types of employment-based visas available depending on the type of work you plan to do. Our immigration lawyers can help you evaluate the different types of work visas and choose the one that suits your goals. We will also guide you through every step of the application process.

Regardless of the immigration issue you are facing, having a seasoned immigration attorney in your corner will inevitably increase your odds of success. At House Packard McElderry, LLC, we believe that all immigrants deserve a chance to fulfill their own American dream, and we will work tirelessly to help you understand the process and overcome any roadblocks that pop up along the way

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

While you might think that you can handle immigration issues without legal assistance, you are far more likely to achieve success by partnering with an experienced immigration attorney. Emigrating to the United States is a challenging and complicated endeavor, but an attorney can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that individuals make during the immigration process.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring an immigration lawyer from House Packard McElderry, LLC:

  • Representation in court – If you are dealing with an immigration issue in court, you need strong legal representation to offer you legal advice, present a robust case on your behalf, and defend your rights. Your House Packard McElderry, LLC attorney will help you through each phase of the legal process.
  • Inadmissibility issues – If you are barred from entering the United States for some reason — which could include having prior immigration violations, a criminal record, or even a transmissible disease — you might be able to obtain a waiver through your attorney.
  • Delayed processing – Sometimes, applications get delayed and fail to move forward for an inordinate amount of time. This can happen if your application is being held up at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your attorney can investigate the issue, determine why your application is being delayed, and work to get it approved.
  • Assistance with paperwork – While some immigration forms are relatively straightforward, filling out immigration paperwork is often confusing and stressful. Your immigration lawyer can help you complete your paperwork properly and efficiently.

Missouri is home to a diverse community of immigrants from many walks of life. As such, there are numerous immigration attorneys in the area to choose from. At House Packard McElderry, LLC, our firm has distinguished itself through our commitment to compassion, our dedication to customer service, and our strong track record of success for our clients. We work hard to maintain an open line of communication with all the people we serve, including clients who are currently outside the United States.

We also have a deep understanding of immigration law. Our legal professionals understand that each of our clients faces unique challenges, and we are committed to providing highly individualized attention to those we represent. Every case is personal for us. You will never be just a number at our firm.

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