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Avoiding Common Mistakes and Maximizing Your Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

By Aaron M. House, May 24, 2016

It is important to take specific steps following any serious car accident to protect the value of your personal injury claim. Insurance claims adjusters will deny your personal injury claim for compensation unless you preserve evidence of liability and damages. Statistics show that we will all be involved in a car accident at some point […]

Arbitration Clauses

By Aaron M. House, January 14, 2016

We live in an age where the right to fair compensation is under attack. More often than not, if you have been the victim of negligence, fraud, or breach of contract, your only hope of recovering damages is by selecting an excellent attorney. From the obstacles to filing a lawsuit to caps on the recoverable […]

UNDERinsured & UNinsured Motorist Claims

By Aaron M. House, October 23, 2015

More than 10 million car accidents occur in the United States each year. Most of these accidents are the result of a negligent driver. Too often, the negligent driver is either UNDERinsured or UNinsured. Underinsured means the negligent driver has insufficient insurance to pay for the damages he has caused. Uninsured means that the negligent […]

Dog Bites in Missouri and Kansas

By Aaron M. House, September 15, 2015

The following article was written by Kyle E. Murphy, Law Clerk, on September 14, 2015 Every day more than 1,000 people visit the emergency room as a result of dog bites. When dog bites occur in Missouri or Kansas, victims can potentially receive money as compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, disfigurement, and […]

Consumer Bankruptcy and Small Business Owners

By Jennifer E. House Packard, February 12, 2015

Throughout the economic downturn and recovery, bankruptcy has becoming a reality for more and more Americans. Many people and small business owners find that their hard work is simply not enough to pull them through financially tough times.  And throughout these tough times, many small business owners have not considered bankruptcy because they fear what […]

What Should I Do If I’m In A Car Wreck?

By Aaron M. House, February 11, 2015

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you no doubt know how scary that can be. Many people ask what to do if they are in an accident. Below are the steps that should be taken. The first and most important thing to do is to immediately call 911 so that the police and […]

A Year of Change

By Aaron M. House, September 14, 2014

2014 has brought immense change to me and to our country. We have watched victory after victory—with one exception in a federal trial court in Louisiana—as marriage bans throughout the country have been declared unconstitutional. For the first time in history, a United States citizen can sponsor a same-sex spouse from a different country for […]