We hope to serve your legal needs in the way that makes the most sense to you. In some instances, we will provide a free initial consultation. If, after our initial consultation, we mutually agree that House Packard McElderry, LLC will represent you, we will enter into a written Agreement for Legal Services, which will define the scope of our representation and the fees involved with such representation. We offer reasonable fees and believe that our clients would like to pay us fairly for what we have spent over twenty years (combined) learning to do. We are flexible with respect to the billing needs of our clients, and we routinely enter into flat fee arrangements, billable hour arrangements, and contingency fee arrangements.

We are dedicated to enjoying our work, serving clients we enjoy, spending time with colleagues we like, and ending each day knowing that the work we do has benefited our clients and the society in which we live. And we want our clients to like us and to know that they have benefited by our service to them. Please contact us to learn more.